Thu. Feb 20th, 2020

Why Is There No Google Finance App For Iphone?

Google has added its finance app for android but it contains certain issues as Google does not pay much attention to its finance app. The finance app which is present on google play store is similar to the browser representation. Google got rid of its finance app because of the negative feedback and the tech team was not able to meet the expectation of the users.

The main reason behind it

  • The Google finance app is not dedicated to the iPhone because it is tough for the developers to build an app for the apple store. The apps which are used in iPhone are needed to be present in the apple store and only from there the user will be able to download so each and every app is needed to be made separately for the apple store. Google did not give its attention to the finance app because of which they were required to remove it from the play store itself. The rating of the app was 3/5 and the app was last touched or updates by Google was in 2013. The app did not provide any better information it was similar to the information which is easily available in any other stock market apps.
  • Google was disappointed in its finance app in android itself so creating a separate app for iPhone apple store was a tedious task for the tech team of Google as it requires a long waiting period. Google finance is now a website which focuses on the financial information it is browser-based and in competition with yahoo finance which is in the market since 1997.

Google has removed its app from play store for android because of lack of positive feedback so creating its app for iPhone putting the tech team for it will be a waste of time.

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