Wed. Jan 22nd, 2020

Why is so much importance given to health insurance in India?

A healthy person is one who has no health-related issues and works perfectly, giving the best results in whatever he does. Health never restricts him from doing anything. If you talk about the health system in India, it is most affected by the climatic conditions in the country. India has a wide range of climatic conditions which vary with the geographical areas. This is the main reason why the number of health-related issues is very high in India. But the only climate can never be the only reason for the health issues in the country, there are many reasons which are responsible for the health degradation.

Factors affecting health in the country

  • India is among some of the topmost populated countries in the world which has a negative impact on the health issues of the public living their. As this reduces the ability of the government to provide all the necessary resources to the public.
  • Unawareness is another reason for prevalent health issues in the country. As it is a developing country and most of the population lives in the rural area thus they don’t know how to maintain their hygiene and this results in many critical diseases.

Health Insurance

Insurance is a kind of compensation which you get at the time of some damage or loss. This needs to be purchased by a person and has certain terms and conditions. All this is very true for health also.

Insurance in a country like India is very important because here people are not aware of some of the critical diseases and secondly they never save money for health. So if they have this kind of insurance they will be benefitted by it.

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