Wed. Jan 22nd, 2020

Why do Americans only know one Language?


The United States of America speak English, as it considered being their native language. But why is it that Americans speak only English and no other language for that matter? In certain rich and diversified countries, various states have different languages; but this not the case with America. English is spoken by the people residing in New York as well as by the natives of Chicago or California. There is no difference in their language but what differs is their accent. The accent that people use in Texas is not the same that is used in New York. This is because of the people who have presided over in the past centuries that the same kind of accent is being carried down to future generations. But to ascertain the fact that it is only the same language but with a different accent is not false.

Why it is that America is not diversified in terms of its languages?

Out of all the total 50 states that constitute the United States of America, there is not even a single state where any other language apart from English is spoken. This is because of the nature of the people that have been influenced over so many years. Thus, it is not the influence of Spanish or any other language that probes a greater influence, but it is solely English that is preferred. Thus, the English that is spoken by the Americans is solely referred to as American English.

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