Thu. Feb 20th, 2020

What are the most famous fictional addresses?


Everyone loves movies and sitcoms, and as we grow up we realize that the lands where these movies are filmed or the apartments where our loved characters stay are imaginary. The wizarding world or the 90 Bedford Street or 742 Evergreen Terrace are nonexistent addresses just created for fictions. But as a kid, we assumed these were all real and still the kids do. Let us consider the most famous fictional addresses:

  •    742 Evergreen Terrace: This is where the Simpsons family stays. Every Simpson fanatic knows the owner of the house and the neighbors. In different seasons various house numbers in Evergreen Terrace Street but this was finally assigned.
  •    221B Baker Street: This London address is the home of detective Sherlock Holmes. The author constructed this fictional address and was later used in TV series as well as many movies. Making the ardent fans consider it as a real residence.
  •    Wayne Manor: Everyone has seen Superhero batman’s movies or at some time read DC comics and so you definitely know his personal residence. A tall building with Bat caves below, Wayne manor lies just outside of Gotham city.
  •    890 Fifth Avenue, Manhattan: Marvel fans know about this impressive building where the Iron man, the hulk, etc stay; yes it is the Avengers Mansion.

There are numerous fictional addresses depicted in various seasons and movies which are extremely famous. There are universes, worlds, and cities which are fictional but stay real for the kids. Which fictional address do you have in your dreams?


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