Thu. Feb 20th, 2020

What Are Some Easy Tips To Live A Minimalistic Life?


We often hear our elders saying “learn to be happy in less”. This way of living is referred to as the minimalistic way. Note minimalism does not mean that one owns less. We cannot say that a poor lives minimalistic life. Rather it is an idea which asks one to use what is needed and not what is wanted. The want of people is ever increasing. As Gandhiji puts it “there’s enough for every man’s need but not for anyone’s greed”. Possessing more and more makes one greedy. Therefore, the idea of minimalistic life makes one contented and happy.

What are the tips to live a minimalistic life?

  • Be contented. The very basis of living a happy minimalistic life depends on you being contented in what you have. This means figuring out the essentials you need and casting out the needless things.
  • From the above it follows that you need to make a distinction between your wants and needs. Remember a minimalistic life only offers using what is necessary. Moreover, when you have things in a limit you tend to value them more.
  • Clutter-free zone. This means organizing an area of the say house or office where you keep the least things. Now this area could remind you of your goal.
  • Travelling. Travelling actually helps one in living a minimalistic life. When you travel you realize that you have limited things and so you work accordingly. This travel can help you to understand minimalistic life better.

Saving money can also be considered another important tip for living a minimalistic life. All of these together can help humans to “live with less, live with happiness”.

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